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Veteran • Patriot • Fighter

Motivated by Her Oath. Nationally Recognized.

An accomplished State Senator and a US Navy Veteran, Townsend has proven that she will never waiver, no matter what the challenge. Known for her stalwart, immovable commitment to liberty, she never backs down when your rights are threatened, no matter where that threat comes from.

Her colleagues from around the country recognized her efforts and elected her as President of the AZ BBA Planning Convention, a historic gathering that has not occurred at this level of authority for the last 158 years.

"Kelly is a leader among leaders."
- Garrett Humbertson, Convention of States Project.

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Proven Leader. Proven Record.

Senator Townsend is consistently on the front lines and delivering for more than 7 million Arizonans.


As your State Senator, she has:

  • Led the fight regarding election security and restoring voter confidence.

  • Protected the rights of 1st responders, frontline medical workers, students, Covid-19 patients, and all others who needed help protecting their rights during the pandemic. She did this not just in her district, but around the state.

  • Contacted the AZ Pharmacy Board to verify that they would not pull the license of a pharmacy for filling an Ivermectin prescription. Posted a list of local pharmacies that were more likely to fill these prescriptions so that the public would have better access to early treatment.

  • Fought out-of-control city officials by filing 1487 investigation reports and requesting opinions from the Attorney General regarding the right to assembly in church, student's rights, medical freedom, vaccine mandates, etc.

  • Led the fight for a special session and insisted on following the Arizona and US Constitutions, while others ignored your rights and ruled by fear.

  • Filed a lawsuit against the state to force the Department of Health to publish covid numbers by zip code in order to identify early hot zones, in an effort to help 1st responders.

  • Defended your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

  • Defended the unborn and supported free-market policies that made Arizona a leader for job growth.

  • Insisted on quality education that does not indoctrinate with Marxist policies, but rather equips students for the job market with quality teaching.



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Checks addressed to Townsend for Congress may be mailed to PO Box 3004, Gilbert, AZ 85299. The maximum donation per election is $2,900 per individual or $5,800 per couple. Donations are not tax-deductible.